In addition, some companies offer rent-to-own options where they refund the rental fees if the unit is purchased within a certain time frame. Better Water, For Less Money. By breaking the payments down into a monthly pay plan (rental), the one time fee is eradicated. She leads a small but mighty team of writers in bringing you WaterFilterSpot. Then, of course, you can try before you buy! Buying a softener will mean you pay for it upfront, although some companies will offer interest-free payment plans, so that’s something to check out. If your state or municipal laws change regarding softening water, and you can no longer use your water softener, you can just return it and be glad you didn’t buy it. Otherwise, to protect your home and appliances, invest in the right system, and don’t … Resin is either USA made or offshore. The rental Kinetico water softener cost our customers about $50 per month. But many other factors should be considered. Few Things Taste Better Than Clean, Filtered Water! He wanted to know if it’s better to rent or buy a water softener? which you can read more about here. Deciding whether or not Water Softener Rental makes sense isn't always going to be a clear-cut decision. Contact us to learn why buying is king with softeners! IMO you are much better to just buy one. You can see how effective the system is and if it one you want to purchase long-term. In addition, maybe you don’t need a water softener long term, but you do need one now. A water softener rental still requires coverage for some maintenance and repair costs When you rent, that could lead to issues if you receive a used unit There is very low commitment associated with rental because the individual can opt out at any point. However, any decision should be based upon extensive research and a professional opinion where possible. In addition, when renting a water softener, you may not have a large selection to choose from, and there’s a good chance that the softener will not be brand new. If you are undecided about the length of your tenure in your current property then rental seems like a preferable solution. Above that, if your water softener st… In particular, he was on edge and couldn’t decide on how he should acquire a water softener. The solution to these issues is to obtain a water softener. That was for a softener only. Here are a few benefits of renting a water softener from Water Doctor Plus LLC: 1. A couple of years ago, a sensor went on our hot water heater. There is always the choice to buy a smaller, inexpensive shower head water softener if you're renting or if you don't have the money for a whole house system. It’s hard to explain the difference other than habit. There are two angles from which you can approach this decision: 1. Tanks are generic. Here are some benefits: First, a big benefit of renting a water softener is that you won’t have to pay a large fee upfront. Many companies offer introductory offers of lower payments to entice new customers, so with the relevant research a bargain could be had. Culligan Water is a world leader water filtration and softening company that offers rentals. Many companies realize that this is a large investment for a homeowner and so provide bundled packages that include such perks as free installation or free salt delivery to your door. Programming is simple. This is a fairly common question I receive as water softeners are almost always required to preserve plumbing and appliances as well as improving quality of life in Minnesota. You don't have to worry about maintaining the system. However, a high quality water softener system is a significant investment, and many people are unable or not ready to fork over the cost. Your water softener is no longer reliable. ​ In Ontario most homeowners rent a water heater, but in Alberta virtually nobody does. Typically, if you are looking to rent a softener long-term, you will be paying more money in the long run. However, it is possible to find plans where installation is included, although the monthly cost is usually higher with these types of plans. When it comes to renting vs buying a water softener, it's simple: the longer you use your system, the more money you'll save. If you need a softener for only a short period of time, renting can be a good alternative. In some cases, a new system can cost you more than $1,000. When it comes to renting vs. buying a water softener, the longer you use your system, the more money you save. Most companies also charge an installation fee, which is at least $100. This price range isn’t practical for … Your e-mail will never sold or shared! Renting vs. Buying Water Softeners: Pros and Cons. Service is covered for as long as you rent the tank, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. There is more than one factor that goes into evaluating whether to rent or buy a water softener, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you need a water softener, but cannot afford the upfront cost, renting may be for you. However, many companies provide a warranty, which covers the event of break down. The Culligan ® High-Efficiency (HE) Water Softener - Features state-of-the-art technology, saving up to 46% on water, salt, and electricity. This company is headquartered in Illinois but has branches all over the world. Maybe you’d like to enjoy soft water in your home, but buying an entire unit is just not a practical choice. I have received an email from one of my readers asking for advice. Probably not. Consider the following: 1. Buying a water softener can also have long-term benefits to your property by adding equity. In addition, the repair costs are typically taken care of by the rental company. For $50 a month they got soft, rusty water – not a good deal! Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Water Softener, Renting vs Buying a Rental Softener: The Cost, Best Water Softener System – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Pelican NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softener, Quality Water Treatment SoftPro Elite Water Softener. You can contact your local Culligan Water Experts by filling out this contact form. This investment will be saving not only your property from the ravages of hard water but also protecting your family. Most customers rent for many years, enjoying softened water – not unexpected bills. If you need a water softener right away, but cannot afford to buy one, renting one is a great option. She loves researching the marketplace to find the right products for her household. This is in addition to the salt that will be needed for the device to work. ! Some dealers also offer rent-to-own options, and while in the long term this can end up being a more expensive option, you can do the math and see if this option would be worthwhile. There isn’t one best water softener from the list, because the choice of the most suitable water softener for your household depends on your preferences, household size, and other requirements.