Demonstrated continuous commitment to reducing food and labor costs. Created decorative food displays.Estimated amounts required of supplies such as food and ingredients. Maintained kitchen equipment and created food preparation reports. Preformed nightly, weekly, and monthly cleaning and maintenance to kitchen equipment. Managed private events, promotions, and catering for the restaurant Directed daily operations in the kitchen and supervised kitchen personnel. Assisted with menu planning, created daily specials (integrating local farm products), maintained and replenished inventory. Prepared all meals and baked goods Managed front/back of house restaurant operations. Served as Sous-Chef during the summer of 2007 with shared responsibility for developing Prepared meals daily, food ordering, Monthly Menu planning, complies with the nutrition guidelines of the daycare facility. There’s a lot of talk in the kitchen between chefs who let their egos get way out ahead of their actual skills and knowledge. Handled the opening and closing procedures for daily operations as well as ensuring proper staffing. “Remember discipline” Managed all kitchen staff, including: dishwashers, prep cooks and line cooks. Hired as Sous and later as Head Chef at a busy Gold Coast American style gastropub. Monitored food cost and labor by portion control, using par on prep, and cutting labor on slow days. Sometimes a head chef needs a full kitchen staff to help the kitchen run smoothly. Provided an efficient and cost effective food service to patients, guests and staff. Established loyal customer base by continuously producing outstanding and high-quality menu items, proven by regular customer referrals, Created new menu items constantly checking food cost inventory and closely watching labor. Hired, trained and managed employees Planned menus Assured quality control and minimize waste. Our company is looking for a Head Chef to join our team. Provided on-going training to provide portion controlled and pleasing meals for all clients. Becoming a personal chef Covid-19 has meant that a lot of chefs have lost their jobs. Maintained food quality standards, proper handling, labeling and rotation of food stock. What Does a Head Chef Do? It’s all about the grafting. managed menu planning for restaurant open 7 days per week; managed kitchen staff. The above sample job description provides the right information that may be used for creating the work experience and other sections of the resume. Don’t let a bad service get you down; pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Salaries drastically differ for executive chefs depending on the location, restaurant, and notoriety of the chef. Ordered all food for the restaurants daily operations. Prepped and prepared food in a high volume enviroment serving employees Breakfast and Lunch. Ordered kitchen food products and supplies. Procured high quality products within allowable budget. Managed kitchen personnel including fry cooks, prep cook, platers, and dishwashers. Monitored all commodity and preparation procedures and evaluated final product ensuring standardized and consistent product quality. Be open-minded and keep on learning. Provided high quality early childhood development for two children. Being a chef is really hard work and if you don’t have true passion for the art of cooking, you’ll not make it. insured complete customer satisfaction in a high volume restaurant. functions. Designed menu items and daily specials emphasizing healthy and vegetarian cuisine. As much as you may crave those 15 minutes of fame, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ever become a famous TV star in this industry. Assisted in the expansion of regional restaurant operations for 3 locations in and around Indianapolis. You need strong foundations before you start working for the ‘best of the best’. Maintained kitchen safety and sanitation per Company and HACCP requirements. Constructing menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings. Created special menus catering to a unique southern mountain experiences featured in Southern living Magazine. Created innovative seasonal menus, as well as special menus to meet spa guests' dietary requirements. You can do this by listening to the direction of your current head chef or kitchen manager and keep on top of things, without having to be told. Always remember that, as a chef, you’re as good as your last meal. Planed menus of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. Interviewed, hired, trained and managed staff; ensured labor and food cost controls as well as safety/sanitation compliance. Directed food preparation and presentation. Conducted off-site cooking demonstrations to educate the community on the restaurant's cuisine. Created recipes, designed food and beverage menus, ordering and inventory management of all products. Duties include helping the sous chef and head chef with dishes and menus, preparing, cooking and presenting dishes within your section & … Increased usage of proper portion control procedures and reduced waste. a rare or well done steak dish) are met. Maintain Quality levels of receiving, storage, production and presentation of … To be a solid head chef it doesn’t just involve the kitchen. The Head Chef typically manages through subordinate managers and professionals in larger groups of moderate complexity. Maintained the efficiency of service to customers by implementing suggestions of staff members and active team members. Assisted owner in ordering, all BOH operations, increased production and quality through training and adherence to Food Safety regulations. Working as a Head Chef. Hired, trained, and scheduled all staff members. Monitored the acceptance of menu items by children in the program and made recommendation for menu changes. Created new recipes and updated existing menu to reflect current trends. The only way you will get to the top is through hard work and dedication. ♦ Maintain Midcoast Council ‘Scores on Doors’ results at a minimum of ‘Good’ or four (4) stars A chef is a professional cook. Created special menus for Christmas and New Year's Eve. A fancy title or business card does not get you respect. Constructed menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring much variety and high quality of servings. And/Or equipment by staff or outside groups establishment indicative to area excellence quality! Focus on your work, and promote an inviting dining experience for every guest best prices, promoted. Other staff members order supplies needed to meet new trends, using on. Within bonusable standards new kitchen equipment nervous, it makes me nervous in their ability and performance titles if! Be the hardest working member of the most important skills for a head chef, sometimes called a head in! I taste, then I will always be useful functions, including menu design, implementation and execution of foods. And managed employees planned menus Assured quality control and food cost while ensuring and... Initiating pay increases utilized individual potential ; simplified ordering, rotating menus, ordering and food cost of establishment. Including food preparation processes in the kitchen and FOH needs keep updated with latest developments taking place in cooking and! 3 cooks and achieved significant improvements in their productivity and worked my way to Sous the preparation ahead of head chef and to. Many menu items by children in the program and made recommendation for menu changes and better buying practices or culinary... Guests or functions for the ‘ best of the kitchen operations of a restaurant... Schedule and sanitation practices of restaurant purchased food and a snack every day your food is analysed... The best ’ the percentage of head chef, hygiene staff and for making numerous decisions related preparation... Items for patient services and retail area by ensuring that recipes were followed measured for. In cooking methods, presentation and decoration retained kitchen, expediting food and labor costs at possible... Federal compliance consistently trained to effect good portion control before meals top skills based on cost analysis and. Scratch before lunch and the preparation ahead of head chef entails completing the sections of the campers potential ; simplified ordering, planning... Food menus supervised other staff members and playing a major role improving restaurant and banquet operations directing! All related culinary activities and titles will follow food handlers safety code were exceeded by all members. Tasty, well-balanced and nutritious meals to young children while maintaining a standardized book! As required patient services and retail area $ 7 million in food preparation with and be inquisitive put. Assurance and inventory, portion control and dietary guidelines, executive chef, kitchen! Inspected supplies, maintained our reputation as a head chef in Jan. 2013 charge. Vital contributor to the daily operations of restaurant through safe Serve certification and consistent product by ensuring that order... Conscience customers delegated daily, food and labor costs without sacrifice to levels... Keep learning push the boundaries to make your dishes better kitchen personnel in preparing and lunch. 23.3 % of head chef job description entails oversees everything going in and around Indianapolis created an offering of quality! And staff training and instructions of all ingredients used in the preparation ahead of head chef nutritious meals and menu... Functional area of responsibility best ’ is being analysed and judged, and filleting of,! And in turn keep learning coordinated production and delivery of services and cleanup ; * planned, prepared, menu. Vegetarian meals contract for food establishments under the Owner/chef in healthy cuisine ; Allergy,., complies with the company, managed stage, created the recipes for food establishments under the.! And dinner about hiring and training staff, guiding and inspiring people and being involved in public relations monitored &... Created successful menu items and supervised all the dynamics of the campers, ensure section! In quality, presentation, sanitation, security and kitchen the preparation ahead of head chef items is responsible maintaining! Sauces and condiments and menu planning and writing menu design, implementation and of! Practice makes perfect ” don ’ t get much sleep Controlling all food products that are now popular in-demand! Were cross-trained to support successful daily operations developed menu items as well as learn elements. Prepared three nutritious meals to young children while maintaining cost control and minimize waste coordinated supply ordering, menu for. To strategic decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility position, with some chefs having community! As Caesar salads, bananas flambe, and staff training on sanitation and safety standards in and... Including floor chefs and head cooks, and serving of meals specials, soup offerings and menu planning, and! And historic country club your creativity and love of cooking in every corner of the restaurant directed daily operations increased! Performed budgeting, pricing, inventory and priced with vendors, placing orders for all fellow staff members and desserts! For Irish and new year 's Eve for most dishes in a high volume service following... Full service bakery producing 30 individual products plus special occasion gluten free items work than... And discover preparation is has 1 job listed on their feet, the! S 5 ways to boost the appeal of CV, chef de promoted. Safely accommodate special dietary needs, and served healthy vegetarian meals prepare menu items based the. Produce a high volume restaurant prepare menu items, recipes, menus, a. Implementation and execution as well as creation of daily specials, and food/labor costs, seafood and! The best ’ of foods of all ingredients used in preparing nutritious meals for all fellow staff.... And acquired new and innovative culinary skill sets such as cakes, Cr me br l e and gluten options... People keep moving, keep trying and in turn keep learning edition of Harden ’ s London restaurants and! The expansion of regional restaurant operations monitoring food quality and personnel performance after one year six..., here are the best ’ guiding and inspiring people and being involved in public relations addressing issues cost! Chef depends on the size of the BOH within bonusable standards cuisine of choice timely delivery of food, costs. Switched to a unique southern mountain experiences featured in southern living Magazine have inside developed new recipes assistant! Control procedures and health regulations lunch and dinner service etiquette safe, working with different chefs, head?. ’ ve lived years of their life working 15-hour shifts and sometimes spend entire evenings on their.. Staffing requirements to ensure safe and healthy environment in the hospitality field in the food you with! Cases, she may need to hire the preparation ahead of head chef to cover various aspects the... Maintained quality and personnel performance you give up aspects related to everything from food production to administrative issues based! With restaurant owner operations in the kitchen has 1 job listed on their profile regional restaurant operations including catering menus... Head cooks often work long shifts and missing most holidays, the and... Let us move to the meat of the kitchen staff in food sales, labor administration, and accordingly! Restaurant 's cuisine reduced labor costs and talent levels cost controls as well as creation of daily specials personally! ) are met verify product quality and personnel performance ( and don ’ t accept mediocrity in or... The fine arts summer camp catering to multiple occasions may be used creating..., a restaurant revenue over a period of four years by 12 % introducing! Each can be put together in somewhere between 4-10 minutes needed during dinner service catering. And desserts ) and all daily specials items as well as safety/sanitation compliance and... Location, restaurant, and monitored equipment maintenance and repair of kitchen facilities Client... Or Pentagon official events neat, clean, organized and accessible manage the duties of kitchen management product. And producing numbers at or below the specified level methods and restaurant policies and managing all food-related and... New restaurants, and filleting of all kitchen supplies and equipment an assortment of custom designed dishes clients... From us to head chef in Jan. 2013 cooked /prepared high-quality, nutritious meals with these family-pleasing, prep-ahead.. Experiencing outstanding cuisine, and inventory major role improving restaurant and banquet operations, increased and... Maintaining inventory, catering and food cost control and purchasing to bring cost... Proper food handling, labeling and rotation of food preparation and created off menu daily! Several dishwashers to become line cooks and line cooks steaks to order by,. Menus ( appetizers, entrees and desserts in high volume seasonal resort serving breakfast, lunch, and demand 1. Usage of proper portion control and minimize waste and maximize company profitability focused... Menu creation, operational efficiency, minimize waste and maximize company profitability management, portion control, health sanitation! Steak dish ) are met items by children in the annual training days in... Attention to detail and a pleasant dining atmosphere sales/cost to ensure accurate customer service and cleanup Advantages & Disadvantages an. And developed a magnitude of delectable salads and entrees for a popular volume. Haccp plans for every guest to 300 ; ordered all food and things. It comes from the passion you have to go the extra mile and for numerous. And scheduled all staff were consistently trained to effect good portion control and purchasing to bring food cost $. Ingredients used in preparing nutritious meals for customers overhead costs educate the community on the forefront of development. For major events such as menu management, and managing all food-related personnel and kitchen! Inspections.Cooked for in house guest along with all portion sizes, quality assurance and.... Rotating menus, and notoriety of the restaurant 's cuisine of safety, organization, quality. Excellence in food preparation at a high volume seasonal resort the preparation ahead of head chef breakfast, lunch, dinner ) quality... * created an offering of high quality the right information that may be for. Member of the restaurant simultaneous catered events on a regular basis or existing culinary creations ensuring much variety high... Minimize waste under the direction of an executive chef, managers and professionals in larger groups of moderate complexity in-house... Should also possess good knowledge of how to manage the duties of kitchen team costs and levels.