The carbon dioxide produced allows for the, Oxygen is used in other applications involving metal and requiring high temperatures, such as, In liquid form, oxygen is used widely as an oxidizing agent for use in. It is paramagnetic in all its three forms; i.e., solid, liquid, and gaseous state. The primary applications of oxygen include melting, refining, and manufacture of steel along with other metals. Do not use oxygen around heat or flame. Apart from respiration, there are numerous uses of oxygen, like medical uses, industrial uses, etc. It is used in the welding, cutting, and forming of metals, as in oxyacetylene welding, in which oxygen reacts with acetylene to form an extremely hot flame. It can exist as a liquid at extremely low temperatures. Aside from those mentioned here, it is used in pulp and paper manufacturing, ceramic creation, glass making and petroleum processing. Who is often credited for discovering oxygen? Being the first member of Group 16 of the periodic table, oxygen is a chemically active element, forming compounds with nearly all the elements except the inert gases. Would you like to write for us? Before you can use your oxygen concentrator, you’ll need to properly set it up. Here's an in-depth look at its many benefits. Some studies have shown an increase in survival rates in patients who use oxygen more than 15 hours a day. One of the medical uses of oxygen is oxygen therapy. Have a look... An oxygen analyzer is a device that measures the level of oxygen…, Owing to the increased awareness about mercury toxicity, its uses have considerably declined in the recent years. This is an important use of oxygen in the body. Kevin Beck holds a bachelor's degree in physics with minors in math and chemistry from the University of Vermont. Provides food; For Energy supply. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Copyright © Science Struck &, Inc. Frat et al. Although it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, oxygen supports combustion but does not burn itself in the reaction. function getans(n){document.getElementById('answer' + n).style.display ="block";document.getElementById('show' +n).style.display ="none";} Formerly with and the editor of "Run Strong," he has written for Runner's World, Men's Fitness, Competitor, and a variety of other publications. Fortuitously, this is halfway between the 17 percent needed for many creatures to sustain life and the 25 percent level at which oxygen's flammable nature becomes a concern. Oxygen canisters are only used if you're out and about: at the shops, for example. Oxygen has many uses other than keeping you animated! //