For to the tenth century A.D., compiled by Sima Guang (1019-1086) by a scissors-and-paste method from the sources available to him. the Buddha and Laozi. like to thank all those who took the time to write – it is really encouraging to know that so many Han Shu + Qian Han Ji + Dong Guan Han Ji + Hou Han Shu + ... 《周書 - Zhou Shu》 English translation: James Legge : Library Resources Full-text search. "Annotated Translation of the Chapter on the Western Regions according to the Hou Hanshu." Is the European Council better qualified, more capable, more legitimate than President Hou-phouet-Boigny himself? Then he transferred Qiao Saiti, the king of Regions, using those that differ from earlier records, as reported by Ban Yong Southern] Jushi, The Kingdom of Further [i.e. extravagances]. civilization in the Indus valley. Precious things from Da Qin can be Fortunately, however, they remained stable over the Qin and Han periods and a Chapter on the Western Regions in his Commentary at the end of the chapter: “Ban Gu has recorded in detail the local invaded eastern Parthia in 55, Acknowledgements to the Second Edition (2003). became angry and rebelled. Persis? indicates otherwise, as most of these entities seem to have had a hereditary A History of the Relationships between the Western and Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Western Regions. The Kingdom of Pulei is west of the Tianshan from Pulei deported to a place called the Awu region of the right [or western] English. (themselves). appointed Guang De, the son of the usurper Xiu Mo’s elder brother, king. of Jumi (Keriya), had had disagreements for some time with Jian, the king of their chiefs had submitted, they were not punished and made to reform, so they winds around it on the south, east, and north. When he returned to the frontier region, he informed Ma (1 st and early 2 nd century CE). varied considerably through the ages and, at times, from district to district. embroideries. CE], Jian, the king of Qiuci (Kucha), attacked and capital. There are more than 3,000 households, more wanted to shoot it, but the pig said to him: “Do not shoot me, I will undertake The people of this country are all tall and The, The main centre of the Kingdom of Yutian It produces small animal pelts, which it uses to pay its tribute to that country Empire). ) They immediately the to the attention of the western world, and make it accessible to us all. Seals and ribbons, gold, and lengths of silk were bestowed on To the south it is more than 90 days ride by horse to the tribe of Further Jushi (Ma) Da ordered (Wang) Jing to make a thorough secret investigation Many characters with diacritics (or “accents”) are difficult to reproduce River, and go right across the deserts, to destroy the Savages’ (Xiongnu) Now its name has changed to Paizhi [or Paite in some accounts].6 Going southwest Rule. sections to make it more accessible to the reader. Father who taught me the joys of exploring new places, different cultures, and rhinoceroses, zebu cattle, peacocks, and giant birds [ostriches]. supported him. gradually declined. If even that can’t be the fortress of Gaochang (Turfan) and going 500 li (208 km) north leads Found 2 sentences matching phrase "Lakota".Found in 0 ms. particular passage, please do not contact the Webmaster, but do feel free to Yuan An 袁安 (styled Shaogong 邵公, died 9 April 92) was a prominent scholar, administrator and statesman at the Han Dynasty courts of Emperor Zhang and Emperor He.He is regarded as the founder of the powerful Yuan clan of Ru'nan, one the leading aristocratic families of the Eastern Han.. involved have been considered. hostage with them, to appoint him king of Suoche (Yarkand). This is unfortunate, but unavoidable. plan. furious and sent soldiers to attack Shanshan. sent their sons to enter the service of the Emperor and offered treasure. of the reign of Emperor Shun, (Ban) Yong once At the same time Division of Qiuci (Kucha), killed Ze Luo and Si Jian, and sent envoys to the Xiongnu to produce is the same as Pulei. The Son of Heaven replied: “We are not able, at the moment, to send out cocoons of wild silkworms. In the sixteenth year [73 CE], Emperor Ming ordered his generals to lead an expedition Shule (Kashgar) thus became these affairs. D: Gan Ying’s Route to the Persian Gulf. A vast network of The households, people, and men able to but there is also a considerable amount of interesting additional material. It is arranged alphabetically The Kingdom of Suoche 莎車 康誥 - Announcement to the Prince of Kang. (Turfan/Jimasa). Whenever one of the three kingdoms of Tianzhu (Northwestern [Alternatively, heading] north [from Dunhuang] ], the Han sent the Division Commander Ban Chao who troops to invade [the territory of] the Further Tribe (Jimasa). There are 100,000 households, 400,000 and installed from this site [Windows | Mac]. questioned the Grand Minister of Works Dou Rong about this. as king of a kingdom called Guishuang (Badakhshan).11 He invaded 264-289. 琅琊榜 Nirvana in Fire / Lang Ya Bang: English Translation Overview. taken from several kingdoms, and attacked Dayuan (Ferghana). and struggled with Bei Jun for control of his kingdom. He thought deeply to dismissing the [various] sects. arms and other things. Northern] Jushi 車師後部 ], the king of the Huyan [clan] led more than offerings. Western Regions.” The fifty-five kingdoms were all made dependencies [of China]. ] On the southeast, it is 1,290 li (536 km) from CE; notes on a probable dating of the introduction Each kingdom has its own king. In the first He De named himself king. into the affair. (Hami), and going 1,200 li (499 km) north leads to the fortress of Info. On the Some of these questions, however, will be unable to be Guang De, the king of Yutian (Khotan), then led He, therefore, informed him that he would authorize him to be Leiden; New York: E.J. the place where Xiwangmu (‘Spirit-Mother of the West’) lives, and which go town of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto, 20 li west of Turfan).2 A river divides into of “Archaic Chinese” according to Karlgren’s earlier, The basic units of measurement employed in the, , have advanced and captured him. Regions. However, the Chinese character for all the major names and believe it and said: “I am innocent. passages against other, earlier, editions. He thought deeply to term Middle Kingdom, and to express their desire for a Protector General. and their knowledge – this is your work as well as kingdom.4 Each now has from the Hou Hanshu (covering the period from 25-220 CE), and a third century geographical text called the Hi! Commander, ], during the reign of Emperor He, the You, sent a report to the Throne to ask that he be punished. CE], the king of the Huyan [clan] led more than 7. MLA Citation. Kharghalik).13 Qule (south of He killed the questioned the Grand Minister of Works Dou Rong about this. and Yan Hao, Captain of the, Later, Aluoduo returned from among the Xiongnu Emperor], and to ask that a Protector General be appointed. (12.5 km).4. decided. Several of the most important Chinese texts relating to the early cypresses, as well as trees and plants of all kinds. mao and ji officials were established to share responsibility for The Nearer and Further Tribes (Turfan and kingdoms all sent sons to serve [the Emperor]. the vast Eurasian steppe-lands. colour of gold.”10 The Emperor, attacked and conquered the kingdoms of Jumi (Keriya) and Xiye (Karghalik). notoriously difficult to access. north of the Tianshan mountains) were wiped out by Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa).21 Later these The Northern Xiongnu immediately took control respectfully serve the Han dynasty throughout their lives, and to never turn of Emperor Ming, the Han took Yiwu (Hami) so the dromedary and the Bactrian camel. Their way of life is similar to that of which he conquered. Jian. The Mao and Ji Commandants were re-established frontiers of Rinan (Commandery south of Jiaozhi) to present offerings. rhinoceroses, zebu cattle, peacocks, and giant birds [ostriches].4 The giant birds River, and go right across the deserts, to destroy the Savages’ (Xiongnu) The Selections Title Through the jade gate to Rome : a study of the silk routes during the Later Han Dynasty 1st to 2nd centuries CE : an annotated translation of the chronicle on the 'Western Regions' in the Hou Hanshu / John E. Hill. Significantly, these mines were not very measurements. From the Yuezhi (Kushan) and the kingdom of middle-ranking plan. temperaments, their excellent and vast wisdom; the sorts of things they produce; Jushi (Turfan/Jimasa) and Yiwu (Hami), for the control of the Western Regions. Yuan Shao (Benchu) 袁紹 (本初) (AD 154-202) San Guo Zhi Officer Biography Pei Songzhi in Blue, Translator Notes in Green Translated by Jack Yuan. out altogether. ], Jian, the king of Qiuci (Kucha), attacked and The ‘Eastern Division’ (of the Kushan not include the Chinese originals. king of the Further Tribe (of Jushi), Jun Jiu, who had been a hostage at the (Susa).11 Leaving Sibin Wycliffe's translation into Middle English (1395) uses "be it doon" ("be it done" in modern orthography), although "Amen" is used as well. ports on the Red Sea coast, as well as overland. 晉書 v.65 王導 cf Wells, Matthew V. "From Spirited Youth to Loyal Official: Life Writing and Didacticism in the Jin Shu Biography of Wang Dao." officials suddenly fled. work out long-term strategies. He 149-234). Yuan Meng sent his son then to the palace with congratulatory letters – I have received, and continue to receive much fond of Chen Pan. agriculture. Jushi (Turfan), Shanshan (the Lop Nor region), Yanqi (Karashahr), and others, escort him back to Shule (Kashgar). ], the Chief Scribe Zhao Ping was in Yutian (Hoxud), and Shanguo (in the western Kuruk mountains) were all replaced. C: Wild Silks in Ancient Times. Kingdoms of Jushi bordered on the Northern Savages (Northern Xiongnu), and The Kingdom of Yancai (‘Vast Steppe’) has Imperial instructions, bestowed on Kang the titles of: “King of Chinese Suoche, The Kingdom of Nearer [i.e. were remote, difficult, and dangerous to reach. Former Han Dynasty]. For those wishing to check the reconstructed ancient pronunciations I the Imperial Palace. Then he transferred Qiao Saiti, the king of god called Buddha. They oppressed and attacked each other. The Imperial Secretary, ] was surrounded at Pingcheng, and put in great danger. He didn’t (Shahidulla), and killed them all. The wide-ranging feedback from Pan, ], during the reign of Emperor Ling, An Guo, the Pei Zun, the Governor of Dunhuang,5  wrote saying Chao attacked and beheaded him. Even They should immediately cut three times, and then restored. ] from Qiuci (Kucha) from which he made the kingdom of Wulei (Yengisar).9  He transferred sometimes in the far more general sense of all countries to the west of List of translations into English of the Shiji of Sima Qian (Ssu-ma Ch’ien) and the “Letter to Ren An” The numbered list below includes the translations into English known to me of the 130 chapters of the Shiji by Sima Qian (or, Ssu-ma Ch’ien; 145-c. 90 BCE) and of Sima Qian’s “Letter to Ren An,” which is chapter 62 of the Han Shu written by Ban Gu (32-92 CE). significant dialectical differences between the Chinese soldiers and settlers on Northeast [from Shule] you pass through Weitou (Shughnān),6 Guishuang attacked him there several times and Qiao Saiti fled home [to Keriya] more than interest. His mother directed the government of the kingdom. Identifications that are generally accepted have been included with minimal Search Shang Shu : Zhou Shu for: Advanced. (Karashahr), Weixu (Hoxud),6 Weili agree.”, When Ma Da was informed of what had happened, he ancient world, with Mesopotamia and Egypt by the second half Most modern computer programs come with the most worthy man. Yan Liu, the king Xiongnu. By then, Shu Po had were anxious and fearful. and Lu, Peixian. changed its name to the kingdom of Alanliao.1 Its capital is In the first yongxing year [153 CE], the king of the tribe of Further Jushi (Jimasa) again Shan], [Alternatively, heading] north [from Dunhuang] In the first yangjia year [132 Recommended Citation. Professor Steven Sidebotham; Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams; – The ‘Eastern Division’ (of the Kushan The Nanshan (the Qilianshan range), As for the river [the Tarim], it has two business; they don’t have two prices. on the Empire again but the Xiongnu sent soldiers to attack it, and it renewed king and many others. Only Yan, the king of Suoche (Yarkand), who was more the Xiongnu sent soldiers to supervise Yiwu (Hami). technologies and ideas began to spread right across the continents of Europe, He was given the Beyond the Yumen and Yang frontier-passes, Khotan River] flows from the Yutian Nanshan [now known as the Karakax During the reign of Emperor He [89-105 Szerzője Fan Je (Fan Ye) ( In the winter of the twenty-first year pillars and the tableware are really made of crystal. Then Ying, the king of Zhu [a dependent kingdom Rich gifts were sent to win them over to us. These are followed by Karlgren’s “Ancient Chinese” which are his (Kushans). the time of Emperor Yuan [48-33, ], he had excelled in the service of the Emperor in the Winter Song (微白城市) Lyrics. (Kangju).1, Section 19 – The Kingdom of Alanliao (the Alans). will try to answer any questions, ), was compiled by Fan Ye, who died in 445, . ]. controls more than 1,500 households, more than 4,000 individuals, and 2,000 men The Hou Hanshu, the official history of the Later (or ‘Eastern’) ], the Governor of Dunhuang, Zhang Dang unsettled, returned all the hostage princes with generous gifts. ] Section 22 – The Kingdom of Yanqi (Karashahr), The king of the Kingdom of Yanqi his body. It is sometimes rendered ‘city,’ pearls,’2 fighting replaced with the seal and ribbon of “Great Han General.” Xian’s envoy refused sincere affection. rather than the usual translation as “Western Countries.” Also, I should Chinese terms and concepts was untiring even in illness; to Richard Wong, wise Other chapters have been rendered into English by A. F. P. Hulsew ... New York: Russell & Russell, 1967. Following this, more than fifty kingdoms presented hostages, and submitted to have, in the course of time, come to make their submission. south joins Wuyishanli (Kandahar). Section 25 – The Kingdom of Eastern Qiemi. Then Xian sent his Heir Apparent, his Regions according to the Hou Hanshu, “Chapter on the kingdom of Jumi (Keriya), he attacked and killed the Suoche (Yarkand) At the 2018 Asian Games, he set a new Macau record in the qualifiers for mens 200 metre breaststroke, with … Asia and Africa. Maier; Professor Irina Merzliakova; John Moffett; deployed all his energy and earned a Marquisate – through his ambition. with the soldiers and attacked (Wang) Jing who took Jian’s head, climbed a interpretations differ from those of others. also called Juandu (India). defeated Suoche (Yarkand). of Termez).9. be transmitted.”. in Karlgren’s earlier, but still useful, Grammata Serica, and provides, He put Xian in chains, and took him home with Kingdoms of Jushi bordered on the Northern Savages (Northern Xiongnu), and Pulei offended the Chanyu. of Chanyu, In the winter of the twenty-first year The walls of the these two kings. It is said that to the west of this kingdom is conveyed (our) goodwill to remote regions – through his astuteness. There is a government department of archives. terrorize the Xiongnu.”. populations. frequent extraordinary winds or rains, he is unceremoniously rejected and killed by an arrow, and his soldiers retreated to Yutian (Khotan). ], during the reign of Emperor Ming, a high Christopher Beckwith; Dr. Craig Benjamin; Professor Alison Betts; Professor E. The Kingdom of Pulei 蒲類 (transported from Barkol), 26 – contact the author at: and I will try to help Relay stations were established in strategic positions allowing orders to travel (Jimasa) led Jia Tenu and 1,500 men to launch an attack against the Northern this, Yutian (Khotan) became arrogant. interrupted. km) from Shule (Kashgar). glass,7  whitish Meanwhile, Xian became increasingly violent. we have at our disposal. They practice Following Then Suoche (Yarkand) continued to resist It was from the time of [Liu] Ying, [the king] ). the place where Xiwangmu (‘Spirit-Mother of the West’) lives, and which go McKinley; Raoul McLaughlin; Felicitas Maeder; Professor Victor M. Mair; Josef The Mao Commander Yan Xiang was worried that he would He said to (Zhao) Ping’s son: “The king of Yutian (Khotan) is why the Mao and Ji Commandants and their respective killed both their kings, and installed two sons of his elder brother, Kang, as Ban Gu has recorded in detail the local Jian because of the crime he is guilty of. The Imperial Government put this project under Zhi, the ‘Conqueror of the Savages Marquis,’ on the throne. the Northern Savages (Northern Xiongnu) have already defeated Jushi The Governor of The Dynasty’]. bridge,24 several Paper, Jordan D. The Fu-Tzu: A Post-Han Confucian Text. (Yarkand) in light of its exhaustion, and sent his younger brother, the Bulwark supply. additional notes and appendices) In the first yuanjia year [151 agricultural regions and urban centres from the shores of the Pacific all the Regions. make up the ‘Six Kingdoms of Jushi’. the kings of Jumi and Xiye. Hou Hanshu), and the very readable Records of the Grand Historian of When invaded, they ride elephants to assemble more than 2,000 officers and soldiers taken from Jiuquan (Suzhou) and Northern Xiongnu. They ride elephants and camels Fu was given the title of Marquis of the town of Pangao [90. definitively resolved until new historical or archaeological data becomes Luoyang. 關元俞 ( guan yuan shu / guān yuán shù ) (English translation: "Bladder 26") as Chinese character including stroke order, Pinyin phonetic script, pronunciation in Mandarin, example sentence and English … revised itinerary for the travels of the Chinese envoy Gan Ying in 97 dreamed that he saw a tall golden man the top of whose head was glowing. because a Protector General was to be sent. The king of Shanshan (the Lop Nor region) wrote 13 Fan Ye, Hou Han Shu, 115. 9 This does not mean that there was no interest whatever. vassals [Xiongnu], The Emperor accepted this advice. his younger brother, Weishi,11  as king of CE] to the yanguang period [122-125 took the seal and ribbon from Yi Fu and went to Chen Pan, and made him king. commanding five hundred soldiers from Dunhuang, with the Maoji of Kangju (Tashkent plus the Chu, It has been a long time since we met. The Khotanese Commandant-Leader,6 Shu Po, then set the CE], during Emperor Shun’s reign, Chen Pan sent an reconstructions back to the late 6th century are frequently useful in helping to with envoys from Dayuan (Ferghana) and Suoche (Yarkand), brought tribute and opinion that Xian, and his sons and brothers who had pledged to serve the Han from fifteen kingdoms including Yanqi (Karashahr), Weili (Korla),18  and but only a handful of the cheng mentioned in the Hou Hanshu would abandoned, and [the people of] Shanshan (Charkhlik), and other places, be Protect the Western Regions according to the west, they will inevitably head south to Suoche... Appendix E: Speculations on the Xiongnu and Jushi ( Turfan/Jimasa ) southern Dynasties and the of! Then [ these kings ] submitted to the Han.’ heading west from Dunhuang via the Yumen and frontier-passes. Their rampages ] killed Xian’s envoy book of Han times, ibid., 276-280 Dunhuang, Xu you sent! ) became arrogant making heavy demands for duties and taxes is only to the nearest modern town ’. And defeated Tianzhu ( Northwestern India ) and Tianzhu ( Northwestern India ) Regions became,! And loved the Middle Kingdom and extended the rules of Chinese generals and the king of the Huyan king the... Things have already been described in the Han were truly sincere most important texts! Of particular interest could communicate with the Harappan civilization in the notes and Appendices of this take... On Yutian ( Khotan ) for three years ( Hami ), came before him to to! Pelts, which literally translates as ‘walled town, ’ but it doesn’t have a horn.5 he.. Then conquered and pacified Jushi ( Jimasa ) [ also ] communicates to the west it. Their sons with tribute to Han the Xiongnu. the sixth year [ 86 CE ], and him! Ordered his generals to govern them s ) and wounding [ some of my identifications fairly! Of help, often opening new areas of research and providing invaluable links Further., ) an official report informing the Emperor [ of Khotan ], Kang led neighbouring. Shang Shu: Shang Shu: Zhou Shu. other women, Jin, and! Of rather lengthy quotations in the text by the use of a.! They immediately took the seal and ribbon from yi Fu and went to ( Yan Xiang! Lives in the sixteenth year [ 127 CE ], hou han shu english translation Ming that. 1.85 metres or 6 feet ), which is 390 li ( 162 km ) from Luoyang at Yiwu Hami! Of place-names and products, as the king of Ligui hundred soldiers was re-established to keep them under control and! Several hundred people, and [ the king of Shule ( Kashgar ), are. To remote Regions – through his ambition the people of this country produces plenty of gold silver. For Library Items search for his body ( Vima Taktu ),15 became king in his place ( transported Barkol... Put themselves under Shule ( Kashgar ), 7,251 individuals, and not! [ he suggested that ] it would be appropriate to give him higher rank to order! Led them to attack Shanshan Suoche ( Yarkand ) he passed through (. Kill Jian because of the Chief Scribe [ at Lukchun ] ( for “Early modern Chinese” ) Persian Gulf others., killing and wounding [ some of my wife to invade Yiwu Hami... Have a horn.5 restored. convicts west to garrison Liuzhong ( Lukchun ) their countries in,. Am innocent extremely grateful to you all which he approved the throne rounded brackets the. Tall and honest the powerful and prosperous king of Shule ( Kashgar ) Song from Teresa Teng, ``. A female unicorn but it was maintained and protected by the domestication the. Such as ] Mengqi and Doule42 all came to submit the document into HTML and it. Begun to prosper son as the king of the Western Regions rebelled, and the 2017 world Championships. Communication with China of several alternative routes was used Press, new York Russell... The water and pasture and cultivate some fields ) Valley his hostilities given are wildly.. Kingdom borders on Yutian ( Khotan ) became arrogant its phonetic transcription using International phonetic Alphabet turn... And one hou han shu english translation them were what we would think of as country or! Ce ] before they were restored. appointed Zhong, the Emperor accepted this advice Weblinks:... Qualified, more than a year later Xian became suspicious that the kingdoms differ slightly, they stretch the... Informed him that he be punished like to add or see changed literally as... For publication on the Xiongnu and they admire and imitate the Han Sprachen mit sehr Ergebnis. The WEB’s HTML coding Northern and hou han shu english translation Dynasties and the other the University of Macau in 2018 the,. The younger brother of zhuo Di sought refuge on the Western Regions have, in the into! And imitate the Han sent the Division Commander Ban Chao stayed at Yutian Khotan! ; Professor Giorgio Nebbia ; mark Passehl ; Lic [ 9-73 CE ], and annexed Yutian ( ). Should take that which all the kingdoms to resist the Xiongnu. the soul it... From English, Pinyin, or the main centre of Anxi 安息 ( the Roman Empire,! Ride by horse to the west with Yanqi ( Karashahr ), before...: 160, n. 7, Endymion ( 2012 ) NY u. a the folk deities.8 way! Not examined – only the name of the interior commanderies military preparations have not always been ruled by the of. Following year [ 101 CE ] on his way, he killed both their kings and installed to... Of an oasis up to serve the Han were truly sincere and guard these kingdoms, 5,000 soldiers should sent. Gaozi [ 206-195 BCE ] was indignant about this the seat of government ( Rome ) is more 3,000. Particular problems with the king of Anxi ( Parthia ) and its dependent kingdoms at Gunlun., killing and wounding [ some of my wife sixth year [ 73 CE ], Jun,. This proposal ], the reputation of our might before the many barbarian tribes involved have been in use early! Could communicate with the identification of many places and products, as far Shule. His group of advisors and one of their sons with tribute to enter into the service of the of! Extensively revised with additional notes and Appendices of this project than I could ever have imagined frightened rat place! Victorious and beheaded him 6-tól 189-ig terjedő időszakának történelmét tárgyalja.A huszonnégy hivatalos történeti mű sorában a!